Monday, March 7, 2011

weekend extravaganza

I had a great food-filled weekend; on Friday night, to celebrate the end of a crazy week, I made us mussels with tomatoes, roasted asparagus on the side and a baguette from central market for dipping!  After dinner and a cleaning fest, we walked to this little cafe for dessert and a drink.

Then, I worked on Saturday and my mom arrived at 4!  We went here for dinner and it was pretty good Italian food.  To celebrate my mom's birthday, I made Heidi's Tutti Frutti crumble with poppy seeds and this buttermilk ice cream; such a good combination!  I lightened the ice cream by just using 2% milk and I omitted the eggs; it was still rich enough.

Then, after body step, greek salads, and shopping, we had a nice Sunday dinner at celebration.  Now its back to Chemistry and work, but I feel refreshed after a nice break with my mom.

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