Tuesday, March 15, 2011

birthday pi

yesterday was pi day and Joey's 26th birthday!  we had a weekend full of celebrations and chocolate.  (couples have to be comparably compatible when it comes to their love of chocolate. that, and black licorice.)  Friday I made homemade pudding, so good.  I hid a few gummy worms in it.

I really wasn't planning on baking anything last night after a weekend of celebrating, but Joey had a rough day so I whipped up these brownies and they were so easy, easier than a mix.  And way better.  (I melted the butter, sugar, cocoa, mixture in the microwave and it turned out awesome.) 
I have the day off, my first day off in forever; I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!

ps my spring break guilty pleasure has been this show.  I don't know what it is with me; I love antique roadshow too.

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