Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the way things have become

I was driving home from work; it was hot and muggy outside and there were tons and tons of cars in front of me, which made the heat seem even worse.  Then I started thinking about global warming and how fun it would be to carpool with other people.  And how, in many areas, we have moved so far away from being a community; most of the drivers around me are solo, tense and stressed out about the traffic.  Carpooling makes so much more sense because there will be less cars on the road, people will be able to share the driving responsibility, and it is more fun.  But, the logistics, at least for me, are not plausible; I head all over town on most days. 

So, I often get frustrated with the way things have become in most areas, except the lucky cities that have ample public transportation and are more pedestrian-friendly.

For now, I walk to the gym and try to use my car as little as possible.  Walking more would solve so many of our societal issues; I wish there was an easy fix.

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