Wednesday, April 6, 2011

chem 2, test 3...

done.  I have done 8 chem tests since September; 2 to go, then I'm on to Organic, wooohooo!

In other news, my wardrobe is at a point where it needs to be updated.  I have gotten:

A silk patterned skirt from Anthropologie. I love the ikat look and the deep pockets are very flattering. I had a gift certificate that helped make it affordable. I am now looking for a chartreuse top!

The skirt, girl on the right

These shorts disappeared online for a while and I regretted not getting them. When they came back, I bought them (Joey bought them for me!!) right away, something that I really never do full price!

gingham shorts

Oh, and I have recently had great success at Gap for great tshirts with fun details in the $10-15 range.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!  I am now in Bodystep and C30x cramming mode, as launch is next week!

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