Tuesday, August 24, 2010

good food

Last Friday was a day of change for me; first day of school/last day of cooking camp for the summer.  Reflecting back on the summer camp, I learned a lot about working with kids and also about cooking.  I learned how to simultaneously pay attention to cooking while also entertaining/keeping a group of kids safe. One of was my favorite parts of the summer camp was that we made something new everyday; tasty things that I usually don't get to make on a regular basis, like homemade bread and souffles.

To celebrate, we went to dinner at an awesome chinese food place.  Now, I am usually not a fan of chinese food because it tends to give me a tummy ache, but I was craving it and Royal China in Dallas was fresh and so good; they even have a homemade dumpling bar!! (photos via yelp):

pretty steamed dumpling sampler (shrimp, veggie, chicken, pork); shrimp was my favorite

scallion pancake

I also got wonton soup which was really good too.  I will definitely be going back!

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