Monday, February 22, 2010

oh sugar sugar...

Last Wednesday, I decided to give up sugar for a while; this is a huge challenge because I loooove desserts and they have become more of a habit than a treat lately.  A couple notable examples:

A red velvet cupcake from Sprinkles (soo good, I don't even usually like red velvet...)

White chocolate tart, nilla crust, brulee'd bananas from Bolsa (if you are in the Dallas area and haven't been to Bolsa yet, stop what you are doing and go immediately)

I think the photos above confirm my decision; I need a serious break from decadent desserts.  At first, I definitely felt withdrawl symptoms (and sugar has been shown to be addictive.)  I did slip on Saturday when I went to lunch with my family and chocolate chip cookies were passed around for dessert.  But, it is a new week and I am up for the challenge!  I am going to post weekly on my progress to help keep myself in line (and hopefully as motivation for others that are looking to give up desserts for a while!!).

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