Monday, February 15, 2010

Back to Basics

image via design sponge

For the past six months, I have been trying to save money by only buying bare necesities because I have not had a steady income, partly due to the economy and I also am trying to follow my passions.  I love beautiful clothes and objects, so this has been and continues to be a struggle and a learning process.  As young women we are bombarded with messages to spend and buy, and are tempted at every turn to spend our hard-earned money, which makes it even more tempting to not save, and buying stuff brings instant gratification, and saving money is not as fun and is can be frustrating.  But, being frugal can be important for so many reasons... it is even better for the environment!  So, I would like to make this blog a safe haven where saving our money is actually encouraged!  I found this quote from design sponge really encouraging and inspiring:

"We tried to keep simple, basic colors to emphasize the simplicity of peasant life and our determination to take this journey and explore the times when life was simpler and maybe even more beautiful and healthier."
-iva and vanja via design sponge

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