Tuesday, November 13, 2012

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my attempt at articulating slow food: I usually stumble on a story about Carlo Petrini being upset about a McDonalds opening in Italy; "its, uh, the opposite of fast food, you know enjoying meals, celebrating whole foods with your favorite people." I'm still working on the spin. 

ok here's my take on one aspect of slow: the lack of to-go in Turin and Madrid. you order your espresso, and drink it slowly with friends, dunking and slowly savoring an amazing croissant in the warm foam. The sizes are tiny; I don't think they even reach a tall size here. 

In Boston, I am excited that many cafes have real mugs. (I am not sure if they even have real mugs in Dallas anymore...) "I can get my coffee in a REAL MUG? Yes, please." 

savoring and small sizes. and celebrating. with good conversation. and not getting things to go. my rough-draft version of slow food.

to-go cup at Terra Madre; but filled with the best unsweetened super chocolatey coco

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