Thursday, September 13, 2012

dark and stormy/ savory breakfast

dark and stormy, friends for haiti 


I don't always want something savory in the morning (usually fruit yogurt morning person)
but when I do:

savory breakfast (of champions)

champion side:
brocoli/baby greens 
microwave for 2 min, add small dollop of pesto (or topping of choice, parm? soy sauce? yummm)

champion wrap:
2 scrambled eggs 
I recently have been craving my eggs the quick scramble method, kind of like stir frying
works best with only 1 or 2 eggs and a kind of large pan 
get your pan super hot first (I let mine sit for a minute on medium which works perfectly) 
spray with olive oil
crack eggs directly in pan and scramble super fast
let sit in pan to finish cooking
meanwhile spread 1/2 ezekiel wrap with favorite spread (mustard? hummus?)
than one last turn in pan for eggs 
remove from heat spread over wrap
add additional toppings if desired, roll and enjoy!!

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