Thursday, April 26, 2012

yogurt dressing and perfect eggs

I was starving and kind of hacked the egg up...

I have been exploring different eating paths for a few months.  I think the key to eating well is listening to your own body; everybody has different needs which fluctuate day to day. This of course is easier said than done, but I guess what I have learned is don't get too caught up in a specific plan where eating something like a piece of bread could send you into a downward spiral.  Sometimes I need meat, sometimes I need more fat or salt or carbs, etc. than I did the day before and that is ok.

On this particular day, I was craving eggs and avocado (healthy fats and protein, yum!).  

I love hard-boiled eggs where the yolk is just firm.  The method that always works for me:

place cold eggs in cold water
bring to a boil
turn off the heat and let them hang out for 12 minutes
rinse under cold water and eat or save in fridge

In the meantime, I chopped veggies I had on hand:
spinach, red bell pepper, grape tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and avocado

Toss with simple yogurt dressing:
2 T plain yogurt, drizzle of olive oil, juice of half a lemon, salt, and pepper

top with an egg or two, fresh herbs (I had cilantro but dill would be perfect), and maybe some verde sauce...soo good.

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